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  • 5 star ratingThis is my favorite upscale bison/burger joint in town.  Meals average about 16 bucks, but you get lean bison, never using preservatives or antibiotics (their promise).  The bison burger was... read more

    Alexander S. Avatar Alexander S.

    4 star ratingGreat burger and cheesesteak was tasty. Price is slightly high and the location is not the greatest but I would recommend the burger!

    Pete T. Avatar Pete T.

    5 star ratingWOW what an incredible meal and great service my new favorite place. Bar none!!!!

    Hands down if you want a fast filling healthier meal this is where you go.

    Kurt H. Avatar Kurt H.
  • 4 star ratingEnjoyed my first visit to Best Bison. Appreciated the modern order system, but was glad I went to the counter to get a little education. We tried the standard Bison... read more

    Eric J. Avatar Eric J.

    4 star ratingThe food was great, tasty and fresh. The only knock against them is that they do not have a kid's menu.

    Dustan S. Avatar Dustan S.

    Such good, healthy food. Very satisfying and cooked well! Very clean atmosphere, friendly staff. Manager loved talking with our family that came in during our visit to Omaha! Great to... read more

    Rachel Y. Avatar Rachel Y.
  • 5 star ratingExcellent food. Everything is made to order and brought to the table. There are many bison options we tried, including the cheese covered hotdog, bison French dip, and bison burger.... read more

    Mitch P. Avatar Mitch P.

    5 star ratingBest Bison is a complete success. From the friendly welcome at the front door, to the very well thought out menu, Best Bison did not disappoint. The quality of the... read more

    John B. Avatar John B.

    5 star ratingThe staff welcomed us with open arms. Gave us a sample that was good. The menu all sounded and looked good so we hoped it was good so we could... read more

    Derek Y. Avatar Derek Y.
  • 5 star ratingBest Bison is probably more like a 4.5 in my book but I'll give it a 5 due to it being a local restaurant.


    -The meat did not taste like... read more

    David Y. Avatar David Y.

    Had a great experience! My dad and I were stopping at NFM, and saw this place and decided to try it! Food was awesome. I liked the gamey taste to... read more

    Kirsten A. Avatar Kirsten A.

    5 star ratingIt's great, burger looks and taste really good, it feels lighter than the regular beef burger.. actually much lighter.. their cajun sauce is so good .. the only thing I'd... read more

    Hussam A. Avatar Hussam A.
  • 5 star ratingWent in here for the first time a few minutes ago. The female working at the door is awesome. Very knowledgeable and you can tell she likes doing her job... read more

    Jason B. Avatar Jason B.

    4 star ratingFound them on Yelp and been awhile since I've had bison so jumped in the car and headed over. Once inside your greeted with 2 or 3 screens to place... read more

    Rob G. Avatar Rob G.

    I was in town from Columbus Ohio, getting ready to hit the airport, when we seen it off in the corner. Let me say, it was really yummy and... read more

    Daniel W. Avatar Daniel W.
  • Very clean restaurant, as soon as I walked in I was welcomed by a greeter who offered samples of the Italian sausage. It was very good but I wanted to... read more

    Jasmine T. Avatar Jasmine T.

    4 star ratingMy kids and I loved the burgers and the sweet potato fries. The milk shake did not taste like it was made with real dairy, however. I would skip it.... read more

    Ralph R. Avatar Ralph R.

    5 star ratingIn town for work and traveling all day, I wanted something quick. I rolled the dice on a new spot and it was fantastic. Burger was cooked perfectly and fries... read more

    H C. Avatar H C.

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